Home produce

Country Kitchen

We produce a range of original and unusual preserves for wholesale to farm stalls and delis and for our guests to purchase

Whisky Marmalade – the best ever

Brandy Marmalade – Ya, brandewyn

Ginger, Orange and Lemon Marmalade – unique

Onion Marmalade – made the old fashioned way

Peppadew jam – great with cheese especially blue cheese

Roa’s Chutney – my grandmother Roa’s recipe, can’t be beaten

A range of country mustards including beer, pepper, garlic and chilli and others

Farm style Pick a Lily – yes Piccalilli, like it used to taste.

We make to order.  Citrus Marmalades are only made at start of citrus season(winter) therefore orders need to be placed well in advance.  Other products are made throughout the year except over the festive season when we are busy with our accommodation. Therefore it helps us if all season orders can be in by latest October.  We only accept orders of 12 or more bottles of any one item. Contact Carla directly for a price list and any further information.